Are you the kind of person who has things all over the place in your office? Do you find that a big amount of time every day is spent looking for an item you misplaced or something you need, but can’t find?

It’s time to create a little more organization in your life. No matter the kind of work you do or how high up in rank you are, an organized desk can improve your productivity and creativity. It provides a space where you can easily plug in and stay on top of your to-do’s.

Here are five easy desk organization tips you can start using right now to create much bigger, better successes for you and your team.

1. Get a Trash Can

This is arguably the most simple desk organization tip ever, but it’s often the most overlooked. Think about all the random things that pile up on your desk as the day goes on.

Most of those are items you don’t need at all or that you’ve already taken care of. Some of it is just stuff you have no use in holding onto. For all of these and more, there’s a trash can. Keep one by your feet and watch how often you end up needing to empty it from everything you throw away!

2. Keep Your Desktop Clean

A trash can helps your organization problems, but it doesn’t solve everything. There are certain pieces of paper and other items that you actually do need to keep. But, that doesn’t mean they all have to be on the top of your desk.

Get bins or a small bookshelf to place in your workspace. Or, replace your desk altogether for one with more drawers and shelving. This will make your life much easier.

3. Find a Place for All Your Papers

Getting new things to organize with is only half the work. From there, you have to actually assign a space in which to put everything.

Start with all your papers first. Categorize them between what items you need to work on right away, what tasks have already been completed, and what you keep around for reference. This accomplishes more than you think, and it helps you see everything else more clearly.

Then, you can work on finding a place to put your books, your gadgets, pens, and any other things you need on-hand at your desk.

4. Use Dividers

If you’re still having trouble finding a place for everything, invest in dividers. These work great for papers, but they’re also useful in bins and drawers.

For example, the main keyboard drawer on a desk doesn’t have to be one large storage area. It can be the perfect place to put all your small items if you set up dividers to keep everything organized.

5. Get Rid of Clutter

Last but not least, do some serious clutter control. Throw out all the stuff you thought you needed at one point, but it turns out you really don’t. Commit to keeping your desktop clean and to putting every single item where it goes.

This is what will make all your desk cleaning efforts now last for a while.

What to Do When Desk Organization Tips Aren’t Enough

Sometimes, you need a little more help than a few desk organization tips can offer. If you’re really at a loss for how to clean and organize your workspace, call the professionals.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you!