You may have heard that messy desk is a sign of intelligence. But few people operate well with their papers and items strewn about their office everywhere.

Clean your desk and clean your mind. An office cleanup can help productivity levels and make you more focused on your work.

5 Office Cleanup Hacks

Give yourself some peace of mind with these quick tips for office cleanup.

1) Store More Things

One of the main reasons an office is cluttered is a simple problem of storage.

When you have nowhere to store your everyday supplies, they end up in places they don’t belong. This will clutter your office in no time.

To organize your office, get shelf and cabinet organization units. You can also get filing drawers, hideaway cabinets, small desk storage, and other specialty storage items you may need. It’s easy to clean when everything has a designated place.

2) Dust it Off

Cleaning off your dust is a quick fix that will make a huge difference. When was the last time you dusted? If you can’t even remember, it’s definitely time.

Clear all the items off your surface spaces and give everything a wipe down with a damp towel. Everything will look cleaner after the dust clears.

3) Get a Cleaning Service

Sometimes your office mess isn’t something you can tackle on your own. Perhaps years of dirt and grime have built up on your walls, and you’re running out of space to store your items.

Professional cleaning services have strict cleaning standards they must follow to make sure your office looks even better than the day you first set foot in it.

4) Everything in its Place

There’s a time and place for food. And it’s usually not at your desk. When you have food lying around, it makes the entire appearance of your office much messier.

Not to mention it can create unpleasant smells. Throw away all the food that’s been at your desk longer than a day. Make sure you store your food in the fridge where it’s nice and tidy.

Speaking of the fridge, you can give it a comb-over to see if anything is expired that you should get rid of.

5) Disinfectant

Your office may be clean to the eye, but it could actually be a pool of germs. A desk, on average, has one hundred times more germs than the regular kitchen table.

For that reason alone, it’s absolutely necessary to sanitize your workplace. And it doesn’t take much time. Just give it a once-over with a disinfectant spray, and you should be fighting those germs.

Don’t Delay

The biggest enemy to actually getting your office cleanup done is the tendency to procrastinate.

Again, don’t be afraid to call in the big guns to help you. A messy office could potentially make you lose both business and employees, and having an outside force motivate you can really get things moving. Get professional help for your office and you’ll be the most productive you’ve ever been.

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