Over the years it has become clear to me that my office will not be nice and clean unless I have a plan for organization and use that plan on a regular basis. An organized office is much easier to keep clean than a disorganized office and won’t allow dust, mold and dirt a place to hide and grow.

Filing Papers

I have been in the (bad) habit of just stacking paper work as it comes into my office rather than making an organized filing system. When I do this it creates an endless task of moving stacks to different areas of my office, consolidating stacks and then going through stacks to find important papers that I need to access.

These growing paper stacks can be remedied by simply using a logical filing system. Take a few minutes to go through your papers and jot down categories that you find to be recurring in the paper. Your next step is to label hanging file folders with these categories and then place the matching paper work in those files. This could take more than a few minutes if you’ve been stacking for long periods of time.

As you go through this paper, throw away as much as possible. You will begin to see that much of it is unnecessary. Make filing a daily routine and as new categories appear, just create a new file folder for them. You’ll be happy you did.

Shelf and Cabinet Organization

The dust really loves to hide on disorganized shelves so you will need a strategy for maintaining those as well. I always recommend using your shelves sparingly. Don’t use them to put things that you just don’t know what to do with.

Group the items on your shelves, weather the items are books, magazines, equipment or supplies. Try to keep the similar items together. This serves two purposes: it is easier to fit similar items close together and makes them easy to locate when you need them.

Try not to max out your shelving and cabinets with stuff. By leaving empty spaces it makes it easier to move things when you dust and clean. It also gives your items room to breathe and looks more attractive in your office.

Wire Management

With the many gadgets we use in our offices these days we may find ourselves overcome by wire spaghetti. The computer equipment may have 10 or more wires itself feeding into peripherals, power and networking nodes.

To help remedy this situation there are a few things you can try. Velcro wire ties are nice. They can easily be undone if you need to move an item or plug it somewhere else and they are very economical. There are also PVC or plastic wire channels that can be mounted to walls or desks to allow you to hide and organize your wires easily.

Work with a Cleaning Service you can Trust

By keeping your office organized and tidy, your cleaning service will be better able to assure you of a thorough cleaning job. If you would like to receive an free cleaning quote from Sonshine Cleaning please call us at 941-358-5710.